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Freya and Zascha our first Norwegians

Norwegian Forest Cats full of fun

The next generation

Norwegian Forest Cats

We are a select cattery situated in Lincolnshire and after breeding dogs for some 30 years, we finally found the breed of cat for us.

Always having a love of cats we shared our lives with several moggies over the years but never had the space to begin breeding pedigree cats. We first saw the Norwegian Forest Cats at a cat show over 20 years ago and thought they were so naturally beautiful, that we decided then that when the time was right, that would be the breed for us.

We waited another 10 years for this to happen and in 2001 we purchased 2 half sisters from Sylvia Freeman [ Sylvannia]. “Zascha” and “Freya” .Both our beautiful foundation girls are now gone but they live on in their offspring, who along with other members of our cat family can be seen on the following pages.

Our aim is to breed big, healthy Norwegian Forest Cats, as nature intended. Temperament is important as cats that show aggression do not make good house pets.

Norwegian Forest cats come in a wide variety of colours and coat patterns and is a natural breed – free from genetic problems and extremes of types. They are semi-long-haired with a long outer coat and a dense wooley undercoat – ideal for the extremes of weather in their native land. In the summer the coat is cast to cope with better temperatures.

NFC’s make excellent house cats as they are such sweet gentle giants.

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